The Skin Benefits of Kale

15 Febbraio 2016

kale photo

It seems like you can’t go to a grocery store or restaurant today without seeing an abundance of kale. Kale chips, kale salads, and maybe even kale in your beauty products? In addition to being low in calories and helping you get your daily dose of vegetables, kale is also great for your skin. Kale contains the following nutrients, all of which have different beneficial effects on your skin.

Vitamin C

Kale contains a TON of vitamin C. One of Vitamin C’s many skin benefits is collagen production. Collagen is what holds your skin cells together and keeps your skin looking and feeling plump and young. A high level of Vitamin C keeps your collagen levels up, giving you strong skin. One cup of raw kale provides almost your entire daily intake of Vitamin C and K. You can’t get much easier than that!

Vitamin K

Vitamin K has been shown to help reduce dark spots, especially those under the eyes, as well as aging due to sun damage. It also works to reduce the dark circles under your eyes while also tightening your skin. This results in a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.  


Iron is known to help speed up healing of wounds or scars, so anyone who is prone to these (or even acne scars and blemishes) could see benefits from upping their kale intake.

Vitamin A

Kale is especially great to eat during the winter, since its high Vitamin A content helps prevent and fix flaky, dry skin. Vitamin A works to repair tissues under your skin as well, preventing damage from free radicals.


Copper, along with the aforementioned Vitamin C, helps aid in collagen production. It also works to control inflammation of the skin. If you have super sensitive skin or are prone to acne or redness flare-ups, eating foods that are rich in copper can offer this anti-inflammatory benefit.

To get the most out of kale, you can apply it topically with creams, serums, and moisturizers. Additionally, ingesting the product is also extremely beneficial – and you’ll see numerous benefits around your waistline, too!

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